September 28, 2015
An old NPR Interview is posted online

On June 5, 2009, Hana Baba was the co-host of "CrossCurrents", the evening newsmagazine on KALW Public Radio 91.7FM in San Francisco (an NPR station). She came to the house and interviewed me, and our talk aired on June 15th in the Bay Area. I recently discovered that the interview is now posted in the Archives at KALW. The photos that accompany this Newsletter illustrate a few of the things that we talked about in the interview. If you’d like to hear the interview, click here:

4 years old Ron in Omaha Nebraska


The bell tower in the front yard


ceramic shards from 1850-1851

books on the American bison


The heddress to the Sarah Palin jar


detail of the Lost Room



detail of the base of the tower in the front yard

Detail of the attic, with over 600 gallon glass jars


the attic






The Lost Room




Bottles found at a dig south of Market near the AT&T Ball Park






Gold Rush era relics



The tower lit during the holidays

Detail of the base of the tower

Relics that I found South of Market, in the old Mission Bay region















The headdress to a jar

The cat holds a piece of wood that was part of the foundation to the historic Belli Building





Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone jar headdress


The Bruce jar


The Sarah Palin jar







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