September 30, 2007
Queen of the Pacific Coast!

“For this city is one of those which have souls; it is a spirit sitting on a height, taking to itself form and the offices of civilization. This is a thing that we know, because we have seen the land shake it as a terrier shakes a rat, until the form of the city was broken; it dissolved in smoke and flame. And then as a polyp of the sea draws out of the fluent water form and perpetuity for itself, we saw our city draw back its shape of wood and stone, and statelier, more befitting a spirit that has endured so much.” Mary Austin

“Queen of the Pacific Coast! Fair city whose changing skies for half the year shower down mist and rain, and the other half sunbeams of molten brass! Metropolis of alternate sticky mud and blinding dust! In spite of these and more thou art a city of my heart, O Ciudad de San Francisco!”
T.S. Kenderdine








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