September 26, 2007
No more jazz at Alcatraz . . .

“The city is like a snake, shedding its skin, changing constantly, moving about in unexpected directions. However, if it is a great city, which San Francisco forever is, it retains its basic qualities---a sense of adventure, a delight in its own history, an air of freedom and a rare tolerance for divergent views and actions. The city dances on its hills and unashamedly enjoys its own beauty, which has survived many a long night of excesses, both joyous and tragic.
San Francisco, a great writer’s town---tantalizing, just out of reach in its misty aloofness. A city so small and yet so varied, from block to block. Cross a street and enter a different world. Every writer about San Francisco strives to capture its essence and, on occasion, feels he has succeeded---but the city is always on step ahead, laughing, disappearing into the fog.” Herb Caen January 25, 1992
From HERB CAEN’S SAN FRANCISCO 1997-1991 Published by Chronicle Books 1992

NO more jazz
At Alcatraz
No more piano
For Lucky Luciano
No more trombone
For Al Capone
No more jazz
At Alcatraz
No more cello
For Frank Costello
No more screeching of the
As they line up for
No more jazz
At Alcatraz

NO MORE JAZZ AT ALCATRAZ by Bob Kaufman (n.d.)

St. Marys Cathedral

Pacific Heights


Sun Yat Sen in Chinatown


Legion of Honor

Joan of Arc at the Legion of Honor

Ocean Beach


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