January 11, 2007
This Sunday

This Sunday, January 14th, I will be appearing nationally in the television
series "Offbeat America". My episode--HOBA 502---will be premiering on Home
and Garden Television at 6pm ET/PT. Cathy Pohlman (the Line Producer for
HIGHNOON PRODUCTIONS), recently wrote to me that the date is firm, but that
I should check the local listings as times may vary, or go to

I myself have not seen the segment yet. It was at the beginning of last
summer that the film crew came to San Francisco from Denver Colorado. They
shot footage and interviewed me for ten hours. Their focus was on, the three
and a half story sculptural bell tower that I've built in the front yard
(that has become a tourist attraction), and my 30 year old collection of
gallon glass jars.

I've been a waiter in San Francisco restaurants for 33 years. In every
restaurant I've worked in, I've always had the bartenders save me the gallon
glass jars that maraschino cherries and martini olives come in. I now have
over a thousand jars (and thanks to the bartenders at the BIG 4 Restaurant,
the number continues to grow.) The jars are my time capsules, my histories,
my stories, and my memories. The jars are filled with everything imaginable.
Everything imaginable, and San Franciscan. I call them kachinas (after the
Hopi and Navaho dolls) because they are the spirits of things in my past. I
create sculptural headdresses on the tops of the jars metal lids, and many
of them do in fact end up resembling Hopi kachina dolls.

The photo attached to this email is a photo I shot last night up in my
attic. I have over 600 jars in the attic. This photo shows only a quarter of
the attic. For more photos of the jars, and the tower in the front yard, go
to my web site and click on AROUND THE HOUSE.
And watch, "Offbeat America", this Sunday, on HGTV.



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